At Wellness Nest, we rely on Eurofins for Our Lab Tests.

What is Eurofins?
Eurofins is a global leader in bio-analytical testing, known for its rigorous standards and scientific excellence. With over 62,000 employees across over 900 laboratories in 62 countries, Eurofins conducts comprehensive testing to ensure product quality, safety, and purity.


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Why We Trust Eurofins for Our Lab Tests?

Expertise and Reputation: Eurofins is recognized worldwide for its precise and reliable testing methods.

Comprehensive Testing: They perform detailed analyses of fulvic acid and mental contaminants in our Shilajit.

Certified Quality: Eurofins adheres to strict international standards, providing trustworthy and certified results.

y choosing Eurofins, we ensure that our Shilajit meets the highest quality and safety standards, giving you confidence in every product you use from Wellness Nest.